Popular Fijian Lovo Recipe

Lovo, a traditional Fijian cooking technique, has been passed down through generations, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the islands. This unique method involves cooking food in an underground oven, resulting in mouth-watering flavours and tender, succulent dishes. Let’s delve into the origins, ingredients, preparation, and step-by-step instructions to cook lovo. Origins and Significance: Lovo […]

Seventh Heaven: A Secluded Island Paradise


Seventh Heaven Fiji is an opulent floating platform situated in the Mamanuca Islands of Fiji. This extraordinary platform serves as an exceptional destination, providing guests with an unforgettable experience amidst the breathtaking paradise of Mamanuca Island. Photo Credit: Seventh Heaven Fiji How to visit Seventh Heaven? Reaching Seventh Heaven is a straightforward and pleasant journey […]

Discover the most popular bars in Fiji


We’re all aware that the capital city is full of unexpected delights, and some truly exciting moments can unfold over a refreshing drink. When you find yourself in the heart of the capital, you have the chance to revel in a Fijian-style party experience. While the city is renowned for its business and economic prowess, […]

Best bars to visit in Denarau

Republik Bar in Fiji

When in Fiji, drink like the Fijians do. Fiji produces much of its alcohol, such as rum and Fiji beer. Cool off from all your sweating and relax after all that exploring and fun with cold sips of your favorite beer and cocktails. While Denarau is a popular spot for island fun, from luxurious resorts […]

Top 10 Local Bars in Nadi: Unveiling the Gems of Fiji’s Nightlife

Cloud 9 Denarau marina in Fiji

The ultimate Fiji tourist, whether it’s an adventure seeker or a comfort and luxury traveller, will at some point need a nice cool drink to help wind down in the Fiji heat. A cool beverage in your hand and the smoothness of island music playing in the background make that Fiji experience even more memorable. […]

Have the ultimate coffee break at Di Bella Cafe, Suva, MHCC

Beverage, Pastries and staff service at Di Bella Fiji

There’s this quaint little space you’ll never believe exists in the city, and it’s in the heart of Suva’s busiest mall, MHCC. Located on Thomson street, you’ll easily miss it. It is the perfect place for any roaming introvert (when they do get out, that is) or for anyone wanting to pause from moving around […]

Lumi: A seafood delicacy from Fiji’s Gau island

lumi seafood delicacy from fiji gau Island - GoFiji.net

Food in Fiji isn’t accustomed to just a certain way but different parts of Fiji have their own preferred food customs. Some places use certain ingredients more than others; interior highlands of main islands like Viti Levu and Vanua Levu incorporate plants and river life, while islands and coastal regions utilise seafood. For the island […]

Top 10 Fijian restaurants to try in Fiji

Kanu Gastropub by Lance Seeto in Fiji - GoFiji.net

Here are the top 10 dining destinations in Fiji where you can experience the rich island culture and taste the mouthwatering Fijian cuisine that will leave a lasting impression on you.   Nadina Authentic Fijian Restaurant Located in Port Denarau, this restaurant offers an authentic Fijian seafood dining experience with a beachfront view and a […]

What are the most popular drinks in Fiji?

the most popular drinks in Fiji

While on your holiday in paradise, it’s the perfect time to indulge in some of Fiji’s most popular and delicious drinks. To fully experience the Fijian lifestyle and beat the heat, be sure to try these authentic Fijian drinks. Kava, also known as Yaqona or Grog, is Fiji’s national drink and a staple in Fijian […]

Where can I find halal food in Fiji?

Find halal food in Fiji - GoFiji.net

One of the best feelings in the world is to travel around the world and explore unique culture, landscape, beauty and food. Fiji is definitely not on the list regarding beautiful white-sand beaches, crystal clear waters, good weather, delicious food and Fijian culture.  Travelling to Fiji is fun and rewarding as you are going to […]