Travel like a local: Tavewa Seabus – Your Affordable Gateway to the Yasawa Islands, Fiji

Reaching Fiji is one thing, but opting for seamless travel to its remote island resorts, like those in the Yasawa islands, is another challenge. Yasawa, a beloved tourist destination, often leaves people wondering about the cost of getting there. However, once reached, the allure of Yasawa’s beauty and tranquillity often outweighs the uncertainties and costs […]

Fun Facts and Frequently Asked Questions about Fiji

Check out some of the fun facts and frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Fiji! Check out GoFiji mobile app for all the popular activities and attractions. 16. What are some must-visit tourist destinations in Fiji? Some must-visit destinations in Fiji include Nadi, Denarau Island, Coral Coast, Mamanuca Islands, Yasawa Islands, and the beautiful Lomaiviti Islands. […]

Everything You Need to Know About Laundry Services in Fiji

In Fiji, especially in urban areas like Suva and Nadi, there are several laundromats catering to the needs of customers. These facilities offer convenient services for washing and drying clothes, making it easier for tourists to maintain their hygiene and travel comfortably. Here, we will provide insights into the laundry services offered by Fiji’s resorts […]

Looking for transportation from Denarau Island?


Denarau Island, Fiji’s popular tourist spot and premier marina is about 13 kilometres from the Nadi International Airport. The island was developed in the late 1960’s through the reclamation of mangrove swamps, which was an initiative of American developer, Dennis McElrath. The structure of the island is such that 5-star resorts are aligned from the […]

Where to go for hairbraiding in Fiji


Aside from the traditional female hairstyle of the beautiful ‘buiniga’ (mboo-e-nee-nga) almost adorned by every native woman in Fiji. There are also a few women’s hairstyles that are quite popular with the ladies, that have subtle signs of foreign influence in them. Here’s a breakdown of the best braids to get in Fiji and the […]

All you need to know about the nannying services in Fiji

Nannying services in Fiji

Fiji is one of the top luxury destinations that caters for all types and groups of vacationers, from travel gurus and couple’s getaways to a wholesome family holiday, the list is endless, and Fiji has it all. Fiji’s holiday accommodations especially cater for larger family units as well by having a kid’s club or a […]

Where to get Wi-Fi in Fiji?

Free wifi services available in fiji -

Staying connected with loved ones while traveling is a necessity, and you’ll be pleased to know that finding connectivity is not that hard while you’re in Fiji. Rest assured that you will be able to post those amazing pictures you took on your trip on social media in real time. You’ll also be able to […]

Postal services in Fiji

When was Post Fiji established In December 1871, the first Postal Act was passed by the Legislative Assembly of the Fiji Government. Until 1989, Fiji’s postal operations were a government department division called the Department of Posts and Telecommunications. In 1990 the department became corporatised, and up till 30 June 1996, Fiji Posts and Telecommunications […]

Healthcare services and pharmacies in Fiji

It’s always good to be well-prepared while we travel abroad. However, sometimes, we may encounter emergencies and unforeseen circumstances in a foreign land. If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is to expect the unexpected and keep calm.  Should you face a situation where you require to visit a doctor in Fiji for emergencies, check-ups […]

What are the taxi prices in Fiji?

Fiji nadi international airport taxi fares in fiji

Travelling in a taxi is pretty easy, safe and convenient in Fiji compared to public buses. You can quickly get to your intended destination, and rides are often smooth. Locals usually opt to travel via taxis when travelling to larger island towns and cities.    Below is a guide for you to decide if hailing […]