Reaching Fiji is one thing, but opting for seamless travel to its remote island resorts, like those in the Yasawa islands, is another challenge. Yasawa, a beloved tourist destination, often leaves people wondering about the cost of getting there. However, once reached, the allure of Yasawa’s beauty and tranquillity often outweighs the uncertainties and costs of travel that were initially raised.

For adventurers on a budget who are looking to explore this favoured destination despite the perceived complexities of the journey, we’re sharing with you all you need to know about travelling Yasawa in one of the most affordable modes of transport, the Tavewa Seabus.

Tavewa Seabus: Backstory

The Tavewa Seabus is a distinctively red-coloured 56-passenger catamaran that you can easily spot sailing on the seas of Yasawa or when passing by the Lautoka wharf via Lautoka’s Waterfront road, is docked in front of its office, which is painted in a similar red colour.

The Tavewa Seabus is owned by Mr. Don Bruce of Coralview Island Resort. He saw the need for easy and affordable travel to the Yasawas, his home of utmost importance, thus, saw the birth of the ferry service in 2016.


Tavewa Seabus, specifically services the Yasawa islands and its office and catamaran are based at the Lautoka Waterfront road.

Daily departures occur at 8am for the Yasawas, with a roundtrip concluding back in Lautoka typically between 3:00 to 3:30 pm, depending on the weather. The Seabus’ route sails from Lautoka trailing closely to the Yasawa islands before turning in between Turtle Island and Matacawalevu Island and turning back for Lautoka once it has serviced the islands of Tavewa and Nacula, travelling to Yasawa island, the furthest of the islands is possible upon request.

The company also offers a courtesy shuttle service for its passengers, however they are encouraged to specify their morning pick-up and afternoon drop-off locations when making a booking online via their website.


Compared to other ferry services, Tavewa is more affordable and if interacting with the locals is something you wouldn’t mind, then this is the ferry for you. Prices start from as low as 180 FJD (122.28 AUD) from Lautoka to Waya Island with local rates starting from around 85 FJD (57.73 AUD).

Services and Amenities

Considering that a single trip takes about 3 to 4 hours, there is a toilet on board available for passenger and staff use. For seating, the lower deck is spacious for you or if you want fresh air and a pleasant view of the islands and sea then the top deck is there for you.

Looking for something to snack on while onboard? The Seabus staff will happily accommodate you as there are drinks and snacks sold aboard the catamaran.

The affordability, coupled with the courtesy shuttle service and a range of amenities including snacks and scenic seating options, makes Tavewa Seabus an ideal choice for budget-conscious travellers seeking an authentic experience. Navigating the seas with Tavewa not only ensures an economical voyage but also opens the door to the captivating wonders of the Yasawa Islands.

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