Best accommodations for the island of Ovalau: Fiji’s old capital, Levuka

Levuka and the island of Ovalau, Levuka’s island home has always played a vital role in Fiji’s colonial history. Visitors, both local and foreign come to the town to witness and in a way, relive Fiji’s history, which is still delicately preserved in the town’s buildings and monuments. Clearly, with colonial history and rugged landscape […]

Holiday homes recommmendations in Fiji


Fiji, an enchanting island nation nestled in the South Pacific, is renowned for its breathtaking beaches, pristine turquoise waters, and luxuriant tropical landscapes. This idyllic destination has long captured the hearts of travelers seeking an unforgettable holiday experience. Fortunately, Fiji offers an array of holiday homes available for rent on its picturesque islands. These holiday […]

The Sailors Home in Levuka, Fiji: A turquoise charm in a colonial town


You will hardly find any themed accommodations in Fiji, whether it is intentional or not, but when you do, it will definitely be beautiful and incomparable to the larger resorts that you’re normally used to. A blue blot on Levuka town’s rugged ascending landscape is the first thing you will notice out of the town’s […]

Affordable Fiji accommodations for backpackers

Zen Hotels in Fiji

It is no secret that Fiji is on the pricier end of the tourist destination spectrum, with expensive accommodations and pricey airfares always a hindrance to many. However, Fiji has also been accommodative to budget travellers and backpackers. With some research, appropriate places to look and right timing, and after reading this, you will be […]

Popular eco-friendly resorts in Fiji


Fiji is not only known for its stunning natural beauty but also for its commitment to sustainable tourism. The country is home to several eco-friendly resorts that offer a perfect blend of luxury and environmental consciousness. These resorts go above and beyond to minimize their impact on the environment while providing guests with an unforgettable […]

Top 10 accommodations in Ra


Ra, the heart of Fiji’s suncoast, is one of Fiji’s 14 provinces and the northernmost province of Viti Levu. Ra is rich with natural beauty and history of indigenous origins. Fiji’s suncoast runs from the coastal villages of Ba to the coasts of Ra, specifically the areas between Vatutavui, Ba and Nalawa, Ra. These include […]

Top 10 accommodations in Savusavu

Savasi Island Resort Fiji Savusavu

Savusavu, Fiji’s hidden paradise, is located on the south coast of Vanua Levu, and is equipped with its own town, jetty and airport. Aside from hosting some of Fiji’s magnificent natural wonders, the Hidden Paradise is also home to some of Fiji’s most scenic and serene resorts. This list will provide you with only the […]

The best private islands getaway in Fiji

Kokomo Private Island Fiji

Are you searching for an all-inclusive, luxurious vacation in Fiji? Look no further! This article will help you plan a memorable holiday for you and your loved ones. Fiji’s private islands offer an exclusive, exotic, and romantic getaway that will be etched in your memory forever. Enjoy worry-free quality time in a tropical paradise with […]

Top 10 hotels along Fiji’s Coral Coast

Naviti Resort Fiji

Fiji’s coral coast stretches from the capital city, Suva to the coastal town of Sigatoka and its vicinity. The coral coast is popular for its breathtaking blue lagoons and coral white beaches. Here are 10 listings of the best accommodations along Deuba’s Pacific Harbour to Sigatoka’s coral coast. In a map-like direction, we will start […]

Top 10 hotels in Suva

Holiday Inn hotel in Fiji

Navigating around Fiji’s capital might not be fun and a bit unusual considering that it’s located on the less touristy side of Fiji. But if you do find yourself in Suva on a business trip, here are 10 of the capital’s best accommodations, recommended according to their star rating, distance from and within the city, […]