Levuka and the island of Ovalau, Levuka’s island home has always played a vital role in Fiji’s colonial history. Visitors, both local and foreign come to the town to witness and in a way, relive Fiji’s history, which is still delicately preserved in the town’s buildings and monuments. Clearly, with colonial history and rugged landscape an obvious theme of Ovalau, a tour of the island and even the town itself will take more than a day to complete. So, for history enthusiasts and visitors alike, here are the latest and the best accommodations to stay in, when in Ovalau.

Heritage Guest House

Photo Credit: Heritage Guest House.

Heritage guest house is a family owned and operated accommodation located in the heart of Levuka town. Located on Totoga lane, the guest house sits adjacent to the Sacred Heart cathedral behind the Meripa café, a strikingly pink building along Levuka’s main street. The guest house has 8 self-contained apartments that can cater for 19 people. With air conditioned rooms and self-sufficiency in theme, Heritage is convenient for pleasure seekers but most importantly, civil servants and business personnel’s there for work. Heritage is within walking distance to necessary facilities such as bank ATMs, shops and restaurants.

Royal Hotel

The Royal Hotel, is the oldest hotel in Fiji and the South Pacific, and it is still in operation today. Although its origins are a bit vague, the hotel has been mentioned briefly in official documents that date as far back as the 1860’s. ‘Fiji’, a book by David Stanley states that the hotel was built in 1852, and rebuilt by Captain David Robbie in 1913 after a disastrous  fire. The hotel was built to cater for seafarers who had frequented the Fiji seas. The hotel, located on Robbies Lane has been operated by the Ashley family since 1927. The hotel is visible from Beach street and can cater for 29 people in full capacity with its 8 cottages and studio apartments.

 Levuka Homestay

Photo Credit: Levuka Homestay.

Perched on a hillside, the Levuka homestay perfectly ascends the slope of Delana. Owned by the Milesi’s, John and Marilyn decided to settle in Levuka in 1999, after first discovering the islands back in 1984. Falling in love with Fiji and Levuka especially, the Milesi’s bought a piece of land in the town area and in keeping with Levuka’s colonial traditions, built their home in a colonial fashion, combining both ‘colonial’ and ‘Fijian’ concepts into the structure. The homestay has 4 rooms, 3 of which are air-conditioned with queen-size beds and a room with a double bed and a double bunk bed. The rooms are spacious with polished flavours, refrigerator, ensuite bathroom and your own private entrance.

New Mavida Lodge

Photo Credit: Levuka Fiji.

The Mavida lodge is perhaps the most renowned accommodation for Levuka, ask any local and they know where the lodge is. Located on Beach street, beside Delana Primary School, the New Mavida Lodge was opened in 2005 after the old Mavida lodge was unfortunately destroyed in a fire in 2002. Apart from private rooms, Mavida lodge is also the only lodging on the island that offers dormitory accommodation for visitors. The lodge has cottage, ocean view, deluxe and dormitory accommodations to choose from.

The Sailorshome

Located 72 metres ahead of Mavida is another idyllic accommodation with a truly spectacular view of most of the Lomaiviti islands and the Levuka area. Opposite from the WWI monument, Sailors is a hard miss for anyone new to the island, as it is coated in a stunning turquoise colour, the only other blue coloured building in town is the electricity supplying outlet for the island, located near the wharf. Sailors is a colonial home that can accommodate a family or a group of 10 people with its 2 large bedrooms and 2 smaller bedrooms that have an amazing view of the ocean.

Ovalau Holiday Resort

4 kilometres north of Levuka town sits Ovalau’s only island resort near the village of Vatukalo. A ship beached on the coast, near the resort is a clear indication that you’ve reached your destination. The resort has been in operation for the last 4 decades and owner, Stephen Diston chose this spot for its location and rich history, which he has made it a part of his life to know along with other little information you thing necessary to ask about, whether it is the nearby village’s history or any information about the island. The resort which has large and spacious 2 and 1 bedroom villas will be accommodative for you and the whole family. Take in the island’s sereneness and tranquillity, and take a swim in nearby coastal waters or in the resort’s pool or dine at the resort’s restaurant.

Rukuruku Bay Homestay

Photo Credit: Rukuruku Baystay.

Located on the other side of the island, 14 kilometres northwest of Levuka town is another quaint accommodation sat on the beautiful bay of Rukuruku. The nearest village, Rukuruku is about a kilometre south of the Bay stay. Enjoy your own space in your little bayside or garden bure’s and take a hike into the village of Lovoni, or you can  listen to stories of their turbulent past, -which in all honestly could put movies to shame. Although the Baystay isn’t fully operating at the moment, visitors can still stay at the accommodation through a referral from Sailorshome manager, Alice Tamani.

Stay tuned for more activities and for the best eateries to eat in, in Levuka.

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