Halloween events to look out for this October in Fiji


In Fiji, Halloween isn’t deeply rooted in tradition as it is in some countries. It doesn’t hold significant cultural nor religious importance in Fijian tradition. Nevertheless, some resorts and restaurants have embraced the Halloween concept with enthusiasm. Here’s a list of a few delightful Halloween events to look out for this October. VOU Halloween Horror […]

10 birds endemic to Fiji

Buneko birds in Fiji

The remoteness of the Fiji Islands limits the presence of larger animals that are usually accommodated on larger continents. This however does not limit the survival of microfauna and flora on Fiji’s shores. The avifauna (bird life) of Fiji is unlike any other in the South Pacific, in fact it is quite rich. Bird (s) […]

Test your endurance at Fiji Spartan Trifecta event

Fiji Spartan Trifecta Event 2023

Photo credit: Tourism Fiji The Spartan race arrives in Fiji bringing with it a cavalcade of adventures on Fiji shores. This obstacle course, supposedly a 2-day event, is not for the fainthearted. Under the assumption that you clicked on this article, because you’re keen, we’re providing you with a few pointers; we’ll show you how […]

The FRINGE Festival on Fiji shores

Fringe Festival Fiji - GoFiji.net

If you were in Suva last week, chances are you were at the Fiji Fringe festival, held at the Laucala bay area. If you weren’t, then definitely missed out on the most entertaining, innovative and educational festival the country has had in a while. Some may consider this an exaggeration but this article is here […]

Na Vakatawase, the traditions of New Years in Fiji

fiji new year celebration fiji police band

New Years in Fiji is still part of the holidays, with the capital city and urban areas scarce of its usual population and government departments with business corporations closed for the holidays. Schools are also closed and do not resume until late January or early February. The parting of the year, the ending of one […]

2022 general elections in Fiji

Fijians living in Fiji and overseas are preparing for the 2022 General Election to exercise their voting rights to elect 55 members of the Parliament. The 2022 general election will be Fiji’s third democratic election under the 2013 Constitution. Elections in Fiji take place every four years. The Fijian Elections Office (FEO), an independent election […]

Can foreigners get married in Fiji?

Wedding Ceremony Fiji

Whether you’re looking for an intimate affair, elopement or extravagant celebration, Fiji has the perfect venue, ambience and landscapes for the wedding of your dreams. Renowned for romance, Fiji is a hotspot for honeymooners and wedding celebrations. Can foreigners get married in Fiji? Yes. Getting married in Fiji is easy, and many of the island […]

Fiji is one of the Oceania countries

The Oceania region has unique geography, flora, and fauna. Picture credit: Britannica Fiji is one of the Oceania countries. Now, what does that mean? What does Oceania mean? Present-day, Oceania is divided into four areas: Australasia, Micronesia, Polynesia, and Melanesia, covering approximately 3,291,903 square miles. Fiji is part of Melanesia.  The boundary of Oceania extends […]

The history of the famous Fiji water

The famous delicious bottled Fiji water is sourced from an aquifer in Fiji. Only about 3% of the world’s water is freshwater and of that, only 1.2% is drinkable. Human beings can survive weeks without food, but only days without water. Health professionals recommend that adults should drink 6 to 8 glasses of water every […]

Pure Fiji — the authentic luxury brand in Fiji

Pure Fiji is a Fijian-owned company providing quality botanical skin care products, while passionately concerned for the local environment and development of rural women in Fiji.  Started with just 5 people wrapping handmade soaps and bottling body oil in the family kitchen back in 1996, Pure Fiji now employs over 200 people across 2 factories […]