Best accommodations for the island of Ovalau: Fiji’s old capital, Levuka

Levuka and the island of Ovalau, Levuka’s island home has always played a vital role in Fiji’s colonial history. Visitors, both local and foreign come to the town to witness and in a way, relive Fiji’s history, which is still delicately preserved in the town’s buildings and monuments. Clearly, with colonial history and rugged landscape […]

Holiday homes recommmendations in Fiji


Fiji, an enchanting island nation nestled in the South Pacific, is renowned for its breathtaking beaches, pristine turquoise waters, and luxuriant tropical landscapes. This idyllic destination has long captured the hearts of travelers seeking an unforgettable holiday experience. Fortunately, Fiji offers an array of holiday homes available for rent on its picturesque islands. These holiday […]

The Sailors Home in Levuka, Fiji: A turquoise charm in a colonial town


You will hardly find any themed accommodations in Fiji, whether it is intentional or not, but when you do, it will definitely be beautiful and incomparable to the larger resorts that you’re normally used to. A blue blot on Levuka town’s rugged ascending landscape is the first thing you will notice out of the town’s […]

Budget guesthouses and hotels in Fiji

Capricorn International Hotel Fiji -

Are you looking for an affordable vacation in Fiji that doesn’t compromise on quality or comfort? Look no further than some of the best cheap hotels in Fiji. Whether you’re visiting Fiji’s major towns or cities, these budget-friendly options will help you save money without sacrificing style or luxury. Town House ApartmentIf you’re staying in […]