Best Day Spa in Suva

It’s important to give yourself that ‘me’ even when holidaying away from home and what better way to unwind to a peaceful, relaxing and rejuvenating spa day. Spoil yourself to a great massage in the capital city Suva. The day spas are best for relaxing those stressed body.           Photo Credit: Pure Fiji

Discover the most popular bars in Fiji


We’re all aware that the capital city is full of unexpected delights, and some truly exciting moments can unfold over a refreshing drink. When you find yourself in the heart of the capital, you have the chance to revel in a Fijian-style party experience. While the city is renowned for its business and economic prowess, […]

Top 10 things to do in Suva

Mt Korobaba Hiking in Suva, Fiji

Although Suva and the area it’s in, the central division is considered routinely because of business and politics; however, it still has some leisurely spark left to it.  Here is a list of the 10 best things to do in Suva or around the greater Suva area. This list combines nature, culture, and modern and […]

Best places to get fresh seafood in Suva

Octopus (pre-cooked) sold at the Suva market in Fiji

Seafood is a valiant commodity to the Fiji Islands. Fijians, like other Pacific islanders, source most of their food from the vast Pacific Ocean that separates them from the rest of the world. If ever you’re having a market-run and craving some fresh seafood, here are some of the best places to get fresh seafood […]

All you need to know about the Suva Municipal Market

Suva Municipal Market in Fiji

The Suva City Market is one of Fiji’s largest local markets, second only to Lautoka. The Suva market hosts various local vendors from all over Fiji, regardless if they’re from the Navosa – Naitasiri highlands or the coasts of Viti Levu and nearby islands.   The Origins of the Suva Market If you have been […]

Borron House: Fiji’s State Guesthouse

Borron House: Fiji’s State Guesthouse

Positioned on one of the highest points in Suva, overlooking the magnificent Suva bay and peninsula, is the Borron house estate. The estate is nestled on one of Suva’s indigenous hillforts known as ‘(Na)rairaiwaqa’, (the place of lookout- for canoes) and is about 3 kilometres out from the Suva metropolitan. Ask any Suva local about […]

10 historical sites to visit in Suva

Government house in Fiji -

Suva, Fiji’s capital city apart from Levuka is the only place in Fiji where one can still see the remnants of this former British colony, with old buildings, sites and monuments erected in its place. Today, Suva continues to be the bustling metropolitan it was set up to be, with expansion continuing toward the Naitasiri […]

The Cathedral beside Fiji’s central bank

Statue of Jesus Fiji -

In the heart of Suva lies the Sacred Heart Catholic Cathedral or Vale Vatu (Stone house) in Fijian, a structure that would teleport you to old European gothic architecture when seen for the first time. This structure would seem so out of place and easily forgotten at the back of the city, specifically with the […]

Travel like a local: Colo-i-Suva forest park

Colo-i-Suva forest park in Fiji

One of the only forest reserves in Fiji, the Colo-i-Suva forest park is situated just outside the Suva metropolitan area. It is one of wonder and fun, whether it is a hike between friends and individuals or a family fun day. The park is about 11 km away from the city centre, and it is […]

The tale of Fiji’s two capital cities

Suva town hall Fiji -

The Pacific has always been considered last in the expedition of European discovery. Much of it has to do with the region’s geographic location and the island’s distinct cultures and peoples. Individually Fiji has always been different from the rest of the pacific, whether it is its prehistory, colonial, demographic or geographical make-up. What makes […]