Although Suva and the area it’s in, the central division is considered routinely because of business and politics; however, it still has some leisurely spark left to it. 

Here is a list of the 10 best things to do in Suva or around the greater Suva area. This list combines nature, culture, and modern and historical sites for you to enjoy.

Bilo Battery Site

Established in 1941, this world war II-gun site was created to defend the Suva harbour from possible Japanese invasion. Fortunately for Fiji, the problem, however, did not move further south but persisted in the north. The site sits on the Bilo peninsula in Veisari, directly adjacent to the Suva peninsula. 

Once the biggest gun site in the South Pacific, the site had two six-inch cannons supported by 4.7 inch guns pointing out toward the bay. The site today holds remnants of the potential war that could’ve happened and possibly changed the course of Fiji’s history. The site is under the management of the Fiji Museum.

Mt. Korobaba

Mt. Korobaba in Fiji

Photo Credit: Mt. Korobaba Facebook page.

One of Suva’s most famous hikes, Mount Korobaba, is a volcanic plug that blends well into Lami’s mountainous landscape. The summit is usually considered a short but gruesome hike, with an hour and a half to spend making your way to the top of the summit. You can take a red and blue shore bus from the Suva bus stand and get off at the cement factory in Lami. 

Korolailai Waterfall

Located in the lower plains of Wailoku, the road right opposite the police station after Tamavua village takes you to these magnificent waterfalls that are sourced from the lush rainforests of Naitasiri. These waterfalls are flocked by locals, especially for the holidays and during the hot weather.

Colo-i-Suva rainforest reserve

Another thing to do in the Suva outskirts is the Colo-i-Suva rainforest reserve. The reserve is about 5 kilometres north of Tamavua village. The reserve has pools, birdwatching opportunities, bures for family parties, and hiking trails available.

Go-Karts Fiji

Go Karts Fiji

Photo Credit: Go Karts Fiji Facebook page.

A further 9 kilometres ahead from the rainforest reserve sits Suva and Nausori’s only dirt track facility. Go-Karts Fiji is situated next to Rambisessar Primary School and 1 kilometre from the Navuso road if you’re travelling from Nausori. Go-karts are inclusive of all family-members, both for kids and parents. There are also annual membership at FJD20 for discounted rides. 

Suva Flea Market

Coming back to Suva, in the city centre, there are still some historical and cultural sites for you to soak in as a tourist. Right opposite the Western bus terminal, sits the Suva Flea Market, which is a great place to get souvenirs for yourselves and your family. Aside from the Suva handicraft centre, the flea market is a great place to get souvenirs of wood carvings (tanoas), brooms, mats and other weavings. The market even houses vendors in small air-conditioned units to save you from the torturous heat.

A walk through the city

A walk through the city in Fiji

The city is alive in the daytime, you can simply enjoy a walk through the city and take in the scene at the market, maybe buy some local fruits, get locally grown vegetables, experience some of Indian or Chinese cuisines at nearby restaurants, or walk all the way to the government buildings, where Fiji’s parliament currently seats.

Fiji Museum

The Fiji Museum is one of Suva’s well-preserved historical facilities. The museum which is Fiji’s largest, houses artefacts and relics from all cultures of Fiji, from Indian indentures, and early Chinese merchants to prehistoric Lapita Fijians. The list, which is continuous, all pertains to Fiji and its many diverse cultures. The museum, from time to time, holds exhibitions all relevant to Fiji’s culture.

Enjoy a cup of tea- Grand Pacific Hotel

Another historical site with a rich colonial influence sits opposite Albert Park, directly adjacent to the Fiji Museum and the Thurston Garden. You can enjoy a cup of hot beverage, whichever is your preference and indulge in the hotel’s history and architecture.

Nukulau island

Located off the coast of Suva to the east, in the bay of Laucala, lies this small islet that has played a significant role in Fiji’s history. Nukulau played a role in Fiji’s cession, became a quarantine centre for early indentured labourers and served as a prison until 2006. The island is also a picnic ground, rich with white sand and flourishing coral life. For any visitation inquiries, the island is under the care of Fiji’s Ministry of Land and Resources.

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