Test your endurance at Fiji Spartan Trifecta event

Fiji Spartan Trifecta Event 2023

Photo credit: Tourism Fiji The Spartan race arrives in Fiji bringing with it a cavalcade of adventures on Fiji shores. This obstacle course, supposedly a 2-day event, is not for the fainthearted. Under the assumption that you clicked on this article, because you’re keen, we’re providing you with a few pointers; we’ll show you how […]

Fiji and its love for rugby

What comes to your mind when we say Fiji? Some obvious things include white sandy beaches, good weather, delicious food and a perfect getaway with loved ones. Aside from all the good vibes and friendly locals, rugby is another integral part of Fiji.  To the world, rugby is just a sport, but to Fijians, rugby […]

The history of rugby in Fiji

Photo credit: Fiji Rugby Fiji has one of the highest player-to-population ratios of all the rugby-playing nations. Rugby is one of the most popular sports in Fiji. Some say they have one of the highest player-to-population ratios of all the rugby-playing nations, even more than New Zealand and only slightly less than Australia. But this […]

The significance of rugby in Fijian culture

Significance rugby in fiji

Fiji as a nation has always differed greatly from its neighbours and continues to do so in many ways. With such a multicultural society, there is bound to be diversity, but there are also only certain things that help unite such a diverse country, and one of them is rugby. It is the only sport […]

19 fun facts about Fiji

Fiji is a small island country located in the South Pacific. Fiji is a tourist hub where tourists come to Fiji to enjoy its warm weather, white sandy beaches, clear waters and welcoming atmosphere. There are plenty for tourists to experience and below are just some fun facts of the beautiful country. 1. Fiji is […]