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ZigZag Cafe vouchers in Fiji

Fiji is one of those countries that does not only indulge in its own traditional delicacies but also specialises in other renowned cuisines such as pizzas, pasta or hamburgers and chips. Aside from traditional cuisines, Fiji’s modern cuisine is largely influenced by other cultures. Hence, the sign of ‘fish and chips’ or ‘sausage and chips’ […]

Best places to taste local cuisine in Suva

Kanalevu Kitchen Food in Fiji

Suva, Fiji’s capital city, is home to an array of choices, whether it is clothing, electronics or good food. Now, the cuisine in the city is quite diverse, and it all comes down to what kind of cuisine you are craving. For this article we will show all the best places to get local cuisine […]

What is a Fijian lovo and the significance of lovo?

Fijian resort is the Lovo

Cuisines are what distinguish many countries from each other. Fiji’s cuisine is unique and diverse, incorporating indigenous and multicultural foods. A well-known indigenous food that you’re sure to partake in, in any Fijian resort is the Lovo. There is a saying amongst Fijians that if you haven’t tasted a Lovo, then you haven’t tasted real […]

10 food and fruits in Fiji that are in season

Sweet potatoes Kumula in Fiji

As we are well on our way to the mid-year, the month of May in the Fijian calendar falls under the Vula i Doi season. This season brings about its own fruits, flowers and fishes that flock Fijian waters. It also marks the start of the cool season. This list provides 10 native and exotic […]

Must-try fruits that are native to Fiji

Dawa fruits native in Fiji

The foods of Fiji can be described in two words, ‘diverse and complex’. It is diverse because of Fiji’s multiculturalism and complex because, indigenously, food carries traditional and ritualistic notions. For more, read up on our article about indigenous food tradition and rituals. This list combines fruit and all food groups alike – capturing more […]

Lumi: A seafood delicacy from Fiji’s Gau island

lumi seafood delicacy from fiji gau Island -

Food in Fiji isn’t accustomed to just a certain way but different parts of Fiji have their own preferred food customs. Some places use certain ingredients more than others; interior highlands of main islands like Viti Levu and Vanua Levu incorporate plants and river life, while islands and coastal regions utilise seafood. For the island […]

Kava as a medium in Fiji culture

 casual grog session amongst friends

There have been many articles, both academic and blog alike, about Kava on here, the internet! So without further hesitation, let’s get right into it! The Piper methysticum plant, more commonly known as Kava, is a principal part of Pacific cultures. Folklore suggests, and under the careful scrutiny of Basil Thomson, that Yaqona was introduced […]

Top 10 most popular snacks and dessert in Fiji

Cassavo taro chips Fiji

Desserts are a beautiful end to an amazing feast, they are sweet and comforting. Snacks are munchies that are shared with loved ones over a cup of tea. For your next visit to Fiji,  try these popular Indian and Fijian flavoured snacks and dessert. They are made with love and bring families together. Most importantly, […]

Recipes for the most popular snacks and desserts of Fiji

Now that we know the top 10 most popular snacks and desserts in Fiji, the next thing you should do is try making them on your own! It’s usually super easy, as all you need is a few ingredients lying around your kitchen. After all, most Fijian snacks and desserts are made at home.  Trust […]

All about the famous kava and yaqona in Fiji

Fiji kava ceremony village -

Kava, locally known as yaqona or grog, is an integral part of Fijian culture. It is consumed ritually when welcoming visitors, sending village members on journeys, christening boats, laying the foundations of homes, casting magical spells, making deals, settling arguments and, as is usually the case, chatting. Kava is traditionally served as a part of […]