All you need to know about boat travel in the Fiji Islands

Photo Credit: Awesome Adventures Fiji. Like many of the Pacific’s island nations, the Fiji Islands encompasses a vast area of the Pacific Ocean – over 1 million square miles to be exact! Viti Levu, being its centre of business and governance, is the largest of the islands with most of the other islands scattered to […]

Budget-Friendly Tips for Moving Around Nadi in Fiji

Fiji is often touted as one of the world’s pricier travel destinations, and Nadi, its tourism hub, attracts numerous visitors. However, budget travel in Nadi is feasible and fulfilling if you strategise and make economic decisions. Many tourist establishments operate within Nadi, providing budget-friendly options for savvy travellers. By choosing wisely and being frugal, you […]

Useful travel tips for Fiji travellers: transport edition

The Suva bus stand in Fiji

Travelling in a new country can be as thrilling as it is frustrating. The latter often leaves people feeling sour about their entire trip. For this article, we’ll share tips about transports in Fiji, tips that will help you navigate your way better, including knowing a few key rules or etiquettes about transports in Fiji. […]

Looking for transportation from Denarau Island?


Denarau Island, Fiji’s popular tourist spot and premier marina is about 13 kilometres from the Nadi International Airport. The island was developed in the late 1960’s through the reclamation of mangrove swamps, which was an initiative of American developer, Dennis McElrath. The structure of the island is such that 5-star resorts are aligned from the […]

How to travel by public transport in Fiji

Yellow public buses on the road side in Fiji

Fiji is one of the most visited travel destinations in the South Pacific. It’s a tropical paradise, especially for beach lovers. For a nation known for its friendly people, white sandy beaches, phenomenal sceneries and stunning underwater world, there are plenty that Fiji offers to all types of travellers.  If you’re wondering how to get […]

How long does it take to travel between islands in Fiji?

Fiji Airways

Fiji is one of the best places in the world to go island hopping. As Fiji has over 300 islands, there is plenty to explore! However, you may feel overwhelmed with where to begin. Discover the most popular islands in Fiji. How to get around the Fiji islands Traveling between islands in Fiji is fun […]

What are the taxi prices in Fiji?

Fiji nadi international airport taxi fares in fiji

Travelling in a taxi is pretty easy, safe and convenient in Fiji compared to public buses. You can quickly get to your intended destination, and rides are often smooth. Locals usually opt to travel via taxis when travelling to larger island towns and cities.    Below is a guide for you to decide if hailing […]

Island-hop with SeaFiji, fast boat transfer service

If you are looking to island-hop to any of the Mamanuca Islands Resorts or Yasawa Islands for excursions on the shore, lunch, cocktails, or watersports, SeaFiji is there for you. SeaFiji is locally owned and a pioneer of water taxis in Fiji, servicing the Mamanuca and Yasawa islands for the past two decades. SeaFiji has […]

Helicopter tours and services in Fiji

Helicopter tour in Fiji

What better way to explore Fiji than taking a helicopter ride for that stress-free treat away from all the hustle and bustle of city life. Taking a flight over Fiji Island is truly mesmerizing as you get to witness the beautiful white-sandy beaches, lush palm-tree and turquoise blue water from the top.  Hopping onto a […]