Best accommodations for the island of Ovalau: Fiji’s old capital, Levuka

Levuka and the island of Ovalau, Levuka’s island home has always played a vital role in Fiji’s colonial history. Visitors, both local and foreign come to the town to witness and in a way, relive Fiji’s history, which is still delicately preserved in the town’s buildings and monuments. Clearly, with colonial history and rugged landscape […]

A historical guided-walk into Fiji’s old capital, Levuka


Levuka, Fiji’s historical port town and first officially declared UNESCO world heritage site is considered to be Fiji’s ‘many firsts’, from the first town council, first bank, first police station and even the first newspaper printery in Fiji- the Fiji Times. Here’s 10 historical sites to see in Fiji’s historical port town. Starting from the […]

Things to do on the island of Ovalau


Ovalau island in the province of Lomaiviti, has more than just a rich assortment of colonial and traditional history in its books but a splendid rocky landscape that adds to such history. Apart from historical walks, Ovalau’s rugged landscape makes for some lovely and challenging hikes and waterfall tours. Its coastal waters, spectacular for snorkelling […]

The tale of Fiji’s two capital cities

Suva town hall Fiji -

The Pacific has always been considered last in the expedition of European discovery. Much of it has to do with the region’s geographic location and the island’s distinct cultures and peoples. Individually Fiji has always been different from the rest of the pacific, whether it is its prehistory, colonial, demographic or geographical make-up. What makes […]

Interesting facts about Levuka, Fiji’s first capital city

The remnants of the 19th-century European settlement remain in Levuka today. Feature image credit: Wikipedia If Fiji’s long and lustrous past were embodied in a single place, it would be Levuka, a seaside town along the coast of Ovalau Island. Set amongst the coconut and mango trees, the charming little town is set to the […]