10 things to do in the Ra province

Rakiraki is the provincial town of the northernmost province of Viti Levu, Ra. Ra, is the ultimate hub of Fiji’s suncoast, hosting magnificent natural wonders, versatile accommodations for visitors of all types and home to one of Fiji’s most majestic coral gardens which span across the Vatu-i-ra seascape and further out into the Bligh waters. […]

One week family itinerary recommendation in Fiji: Nadi and Suva


Embarking on a family vacation is an exciting opportunity to create enduring memories. Fiji, with its breathtaking scenery, warm hospitality, and rich cultural heritage, provides the ideal backdrop for an unforgettable family adventure. This one-week travel plan will take you from the lively city of Nadi to the charming capital of Suva, ensuring a perfect […]

Best beaches to explore in Fiji


When Fiji comes to mind, what springs to your thoughts? Is it culture, cuisine, or perhaps the warm-hearted locals? Indeed, Fiji is a culturally diverse nation, known for its incredibly friendly people, rich heritage, and an array of culinary influences. But there’s more to it. Fiji is renowned for its immaculate waters, boasting some of […]

Carnivals: when and where to find carnivals in Fiji


Tebara Festival in Nausori town. Ever been to a festival in Fiji? Certainly festivals in Fiji are a little different from the ones back at home. In fact, certain festivals have been in operation for such a time that it has become highly anticipated for many locals. Various towns have conducted festivals as an initiative […]

The best glamping spots in Fiji


One of the most beautiful and unique experiences one can have in Fiji is sleeping under the stars in a tent while admiring the moon in pleasant temperatures. We all love comfortable stays with spacious rooms and comfy beds, but glamping is a great way to spend your lovely nights with your family or loved […]

The 5 best kids’ club in Fiji

Kids Corner – Warwick Fiji

Planning your next family vacation to Fiji and unsure about the options available for you and your children? As parents, it’s crucial to ensure that your children are well taken care of while also having opportunities to learn and explore. Rest assured that in this paradise, your kids will not only have an exciting experience […]

Where are the best places for yoga in Fiji?

Kama Yoga Fiji

Are you into fitness? Is yoga a part of your daily routine? Do you love both nature and yoga? If you answered YES to all of these questions, then you’re in for a treat. Fiji, being a tropical country, is the perfect destination for you to practice and find solace. Your mind, body, and soul […]

Exploring the Paradise: Unforgettable Cruises in Fiji

Captain Cook Cruises in Fiji

When it comes to Fiji, one thing is certain—you didn’t plan an extraordinary trip just to stay on the main island. Fiji, an archipelago of 333 islands, offers endless opportunities to immerse yourself in authentic Fijian culture, savor unique culinary delights, connect with friendly locals, revel in lush greenery, unwind on stunning beaches, and discover […]

Sigavou Studios: Launch of Colours of Fiji, Creative Experiences

Sigavou Studio in Fiji

Art has a special place in Pacific cultures, making it distinctive from any other cultural art around the world. It even plays a significant role in island cultures, often depicted in traditional tapestry (Masi), house post designs and tattoos.  In fact, pacific tribal art is so distinctive that it is noticeably easy for islanders to […]

Vou Hub Fiji performances are a must-watch when in Fiji

Cannibals Chase Performance Vou Fiji

Fiji is multi-culturally diverse to the extent that modern Fiji embraces a fusion cuisine, a shift in lingo and culture, and the birth of contemporary dances. A group responsible for recreating most of Fiji’s cultural dances and adapting folklore or stories into performative art is the Vou Hub Fiji-a performance art theatre based in Nadi. […]