Windsurfing in Fiji is a great getaway for you to relax and unwind to the warm waters and dry winds. Fiji waters are not just for its beautifying experience but also offering great water sports activities for you to dive into. Windsurfing is an thrilling adventure you wouldn’t want to miss out on trying while holidaying in Fiji, imagine being in warm, crystal clear waters and winds in your face painting its magic of Islander, that sounds just so good so plan a day out with your friends or family to go out and experience Fiji from different angles. Whether you are a pro in windsurfing or just a beginner, you’ll definitely have a great time in Fiji waters. Listed below are places you can windsurf in Fiji for that ultimate Fijian experience. 

Best time for windsurfing in Fiji

Now that’s no-brainer for you to have fun in Fiji. The weather in the paradise is relatively warm from April to October which means you can expect warm waters and dry winds that are perfect for windsurfing. 


Located just off the north coast of Viti Levu is an island known as the daydream of the west. Without any doubt Nananu-i-Ra is the hidden paradise for windsurfing, but the island is relatively affordable for a comfortable stay. Thanks to warm temperature throughout the year making it perfect for you to windsurf straight off the shores. The cherry on cake is the consistent warm tradewinds that the island has for a perfect windsurfing moment. Remember to add this place in your list the next time you plan on a windsurfing adventure. 

Laucala Bay

The capital city has some fun water sports activities waiting for you to dive into. Although Laucala Bay is not as idyllic as other places, it surely does the trick for you to experience windsurfing in Suva. The area in Laucala Bay is protected by breakwater giving you a beautiful experience of windsurfing on flat waters. Check out the busiest city from a breath-taking angle. 

Photo Credit: Laucala Bay Sailing Club

Malolo Lailai Island 

Malolo Laila is the second largest and most developed of the Mamanuca Island that lays 20 Kilometres west of Nadi. Malolo Island offers an amazing windsurfing experience for beginners and intermediate windsurfers. The warm waters and dry winds are all you need right on the island to begin your adventure. To check out for free of charge windsurfing boards that are offered by the resorts on the island. 

Turtle Island 

Photo Credit: Turtle Island 

Experience a different way of windsurfing on a luxurious private island in the Yasawa. The beautiful waters of Yasawa are just magical to surf on. Although you wouldn’t just go windsurfing here but if you happen to be staying at the island might as well give it a shot. The best part of windsurfing on the island is you get to enjoy all the breath-taking views and thrilling winds with a low number of people. The beaches on the island make up for an adventurous water activity. Not forgetting the equipment is provided free of charge so get set and go for a rewarding experience in the beautiful and calm waters of Yasawa. 

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