Fun Facts and Frequently Asked Questions about Fiji

Check out some of the fun facts and frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Fiji! Check out GoFiji mobile app for all the popular activities and attractions. 16. What are some must-visit tourist destinations in Fiji? Some must-visit destinations in Fiji include Nadi, Denarau Island, Coral Coast, Mamanuca Islands, Yasawa Islands, and the beautiful Lomaiviti Islands. […]

Fijian family relationship terms to remember when in Fiji


Family links in Fiji are different from the usual English understanding of how family relations work. In simple – Fiji and perhaps in other parts of the Pacific, our understanding of family is basic, relatives of your parents’ generation are your uncles and aunts, relatives in your generation are your cousins and those in your […]

What you need to know about the Itaukei Fijian language

Fijians on bus Tourism Fiji

Photo credit: Tourism Fiji Arriving on the western side of Fiji, at the Nadi international airport, if you pay attention well enough, you will notice that the Fijian spoken by locals there differs greatly from that spoken in Suva. For some of the previous articles, one would’ve noticed the mention of the standard Fijian language […]

More weather-related Fijian terms

Fog in Fiji language

Here’s a continued series on Fiji’s weather-related terms, focusing basically on names for parts of the day, week or any other information. For more, check out our first article on weather-related terms, ‘10 Fijian weather-related terms’.   Bogi Pronounced as, mboh-ngee, this word seemingly refers to the word ‘night’. In other contexts, an acceptable protocol […]

10 Fijian weather-related terms

Uca rain in Fijian

Here’s 10 more relevant terms and phrases for any visiting tourist. This is a continued series of glossary articles on the Fijian language, and terms discussed in this article relate to the weather.  If you’re planning to come to Fiji during the Christmas season, then this article is for you. For those not familiar, cyclone […]

The most commonly used words in Fiji


The three official languages of Fiji are English, Fijian and Fiji Hindi. English is widely used by all in schools, workplaces and for official use. As a traveler in Fiji, you will be able to navigate the different places with ease as there will always be someone there to guide you if you are lost. […]

10 must-know Fijian terms and phrases

Totoka fijian language beautiful -

The native Fijian language is especially unique in the sense that it intricately embraces language terms together with veiwekani (relationships) between various vanuas (land synonymous with its people/ inhabitants) in Fiji. Dialects vary per province or district, making language and terms extensively broad and complex for a non-Fijian. For now, we will start with 10 […]

Basic Fijian conversational phrases for travellers to Fiji

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In Fiji, Fijians are identified through their distinct ethnic groups, i-Taukei (indigenous people), Fijian Indians (descendants of indentured labourers) and Fijians of other ancestry. Although English is widely spoken in the Fiji Islands, being one the nation’s three official languages, the nation’s two largest ethnic groups also make the other two official languages which is […]

What is the meaning of Bula in Fiji?

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Ever wondered what’s the meaning of the frequently heard ‘Bula!’ that’s uttered across the entire Fiji? Bula! Or Bula Vinaka! — words that are equivalent with hello in the Fijian culture are more than just words. Fijian politician Lenora Qereqeretabua once said that to say, ‘Bula Vinaka’ is to mean good health, and in the […]