Best Travel Sites to Help in Planning Your Fiji Trip

Preparing for a trip requires meticulous planning and budgeting to ensure a seamless and enjoyable vacation experience. Dealing directly with hotels can be challenging due to distance, language barriers, and potential communication issues. Therefore, it’s crucial to rely on reliable and trustworthy travel websites to simplify the process. When booking a trip to Fiji, consider […]

Best accommodations for the island of Ovalau: Fiji’s old capital, Levuka

Levuka and the island of Ovalau, Levuka’s island home has always played a vital role in Fiji’s colonial history. Visitors, both local and foreign come to the town to witness and in a way, relive Fiji’s history, which is still delicately preserved in the town’s buildings and monuments. Clearly, with colonial history and rugged landscape […]

All you need to know about boat travel in the Fiji Islands

Photo Credit: Awesome Adventures Fiji. Like many of the Pacific’s island nations, the Fiji Islands encompasses a vast area of the Pacific Ocean – over 1 million square miles to be exact! Viti Levu, being its centre of business and governance, is the largest of the islands with most of the other islands scattered to […]

Everything You Need to Know About Laundry Services in Fiji

In Fiji, especially in urban areas like Suva and Nadi, there are several laundromats catering to the needs of customers. These facilities offer convenient services for washing and drying clothes, making it easier for tourists to maintain their hygiene and travel comfortably. Here, we will provide insights into the laundry services offered by Fiji’s resorts […]

Budget-Friendly Tips for Moving Around Nadi in Fiji

Fiji is often touted as one of the world’s pricier travel destinations, and Nadi, its tourism hub, attracts numerous visitors. However, budget travel in Nadi is feasible and fulfilling if you strategise and make economic decisions. Many tourist establishments operate within Nadi, providing budget-friendly options for savvy travellers. By choosing wisely and being frugal, you […]

10 things to do in the Ra province

Rakiraki is the provincial town of the northernmost province of Viti Levu, Ra. Ra, is the ultimate hub of Fiji’s suncoast, hosting magnificent natural wonders, versatile accommodations for visitors of all types and home to one of Fiji’s most majestic coral gardens which span across the Vatu-i-ra seascape and further out into the Bligh waters. […]

Fiji’s Geography: Know Where You’re Staying on Your Fiji Holiday

Ever been on vacation or travelled and wondered which part of the country you were in or are currently staying in? If you’re wondering about this for your next Fiji holiday, don’t worry, we’re here to share with you a bit of Fiji’s geography, especially about where a lot of the resorts and vacation areas […]

One week family itinerary recommendation in Fiji: Nadi and Suva


Embarking on a family vacation is an exciting opportunity to create enduring memories. Fiji, with its breathtaking scenery, warm hospitality, and rich cultural heritage, provides the ideal backdrop for an unforgettable family adventure. This one-week travel plan will take you from the lively city of Nadi to the charming capital of Suva, ensuring a perfect […]

Seventh Heaven: A Secluded Island Paradise


Seventh Heaven Fiji is an opulent floating platform situated in the Mamanuca Islands of Fiji. This extraordinary platform serves as an exceptional destination, providing guests with an unforgettable experience amidst the breathtaking paradise of Mamanuca Island. Photo Credit: Seventh Heaven Fiji How to visit Seventh Heaven? Reaching Seventh Heaven is a straightforward and pleasant journey […]

Pamper yourself with the best spas in Taveuni


Taveuni Island is a remarkably beautiful destination beyond imagination. Known as the “Garden Island,” it offers a wide array of adventures, diving opportunities, and hiking trails. Your journey to Fiji’s third-largest island promises to be both enjoyable and enriching, with plenty of sights and experiences to cherish. While you’re all set for an adrenaline-packed adventure […]