We all know that airport customs can be brutal especially when travelling to a new country. Airport customs provide an essential safety net for countries by halting the importation and exportation of illegal goods. Our favourite foods are hard to go without, especially when snacks in your country of vacation just somehow does not equal that scrumptious or juicy snack from back home. With that- here are a few things to consider when packing food, for your trip to Fiji.

Food: a risk item 

Food is considered a risk item for custom authorities because it falls under a category of vulnerability. Namely, when certain foods are not packed properly, they are susceptible to contamination and bacterial growth- which in turn may cause diseases.

What types of foods can I bring to Fiji?

Perfectly packaged and dried goods that are of Australian and New Zealand origin are allowed into the country when declared upon arrival. Whether it is a 2-minute noodle, pretzels or a packet of Aussie chocolate – as long as it is an Australian or New Zealand product, you’re alright.

What foods may be prohibited or subject to inspection?

Risk goods like food are often treated with great caution especially when they are not of Australian or New Zealand origin. Other risk goods include,

  • Dairy goods
  • Honey and any other bee products.
  • Nuts, herbs and spices
  •  Fruits/vegetables (dried or fresh)
  •  Food preservatives
  •  Eggs and meat
  • Seeds, dried mushroom and fungi
  • Baby formula (to be accompanied with child)

What about drinks?

There have been a rarity of people packing fizzy drinks or alcohol for their vacations but there have been a small number of people that have done this. Yes! You can pack fizzy drinks and alcohol, just make sure to pack them well and declare them upon arrival.

Regardless of what type of food you’ve packed for your vacation in Fiji, even if it is an Australian or New Zealand product, declare it upon arrival!.

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