Vanua levu friendly north in Fiji

Formally known as the Sandalwood island, Vanua Levu is Fiji’s second largest island. Vanua Levu is located 64 kilometers north of Viti Levu and is home to 160,000 Fijians centred in the Labasa and Savusavu towns. You can travel to the island by flying to Labasa and Savusavu or by local ferry boat from Viti Levu. Vanua Levu is home to some of the greatest beaches and historical tales. You’ll learn something new every time you mingle with the locals on the island. While the island tells us the culture and history of Fiji, it’s even more fun and rewarding to see the place for yourself. Below are some of the must-visit places in Vanua Levu.


The ‘Babasiga Lions’ popularly known for their soccer craze, and the golden boy Roy Krishna is widely involved in the sugar industry and has the largest community of Indians in Fiji. In Labasa, one can experience the Indian culture and stories of some of the town’s attractions. With a large number of Indian influences, Nagigi Naag Mandir is a must-visit. This mandir in Labasa’s main centre of attraction because of its growing stone. Interestingly, according to the locals, almost 90 years ago, the Growing Stone was discovered at the same place where the mandir stands. The giant stone known as Naag idol is shaped like a cobra and is associated with Hindu Goddess Shiva and Lord Vishnu. People from around the world have visited the temple, as it is believed that prayers get answered here.

Visit the Labasa Market to enjoy the fresh and delicious fruits of the season. Labasa market has some of the best Indian spices that are fresh, so if you want to spice up your cooking, Labasa is the place to go. Waiqele Hot Spring is another hotspot to pamper yourself. It often leaves one feeling rejuvenated, but check the temperature before dipping on. 

Beat the Labasa heat by having a cool open shower experience at the Lekutulevu Waterfall. You can also shop for some traditional Indian sarees in Labasa town, and the sarees are affordable, and you’ll be spoilt for choice.


Sandalwood island, Vanua Levu is Fiji’s

The ‘Hidden Paradise’ is a tourist attraction spot in Vanua because of its diving and yacht facilities. Savusavu has great white sandy beaches that are great for strolls. If you’re an adventure lover, you can snorkel at Split Rock. Explore the underwater world and get mesmerised by the clams, parrotfish, clownfish, sergeant fish and damsels. 

Visit the famous Savusavu Hot Spring for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Be mindful of the temperature though. The locals often cook their food in the hot spring, so that should give you some hint on how to prevent yourself from getting roasted.

Savusavu also calls for a Pearl Farm Tour. It is the best way to experience pearl jewellery made from rare black-lipped oysters. The tours take you underwater, and from the glass boat, you can see how the pearls are created. If you’re staying in Koro Sun Resort, you should also go scuba diving. Otherwise, swim at the Nakawaga Waterfall, and tour around the village for a memorable time in Fiji.

Nakawaga Waterfall
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