Lautoka and Sigatoka are two major places of interest in Fiji. You can travel from Lautoka to Sigatoka through bus, taxi or car and the journey takes approximately 1.5 hours.


Lautoka is the second largest city in Fiji.  It is on the west coast of the island of Viti Levu, in the Ba Province of the Western Division. It is also known as the burning west and the Sugar City because of the sugar cane belt area. The main Lautoka Sugar Mill was founded in 1903, and is the city’s biggest employer by far. 

The name of the city is derived from two Fijian words meaning “spear hit.” According to an oral tradition, the name arose following a duel between two chiefs. As one speared the other, he was reported to have cried “Lau-toka!” (“Bull’s eye!”). A peaceful place with beautiful scenery, and humid weather, get ready for your sun-kissed selfies when you visit Lautoka. 

Lautoka Municipal Market

There are many interesting places to visit in Lautoka. Situated near the business district area, Lautoka Market is situated in an octagon-shaped open air building. You can find fresh local produce such as fruits, vegetables and fish. A local market is always worth a visit when you are abroad. Outside the Lautoka Market, there is also a Handicraft Market where you can get handmade pottery, woven items and spices.

The spas in Lautoka are said to offer therapeutic massages. Pay a visit to Mana Spa, situated within the Mana Island Resort to give your body the best body massage. Let your body and mind rejuvenate. Hop onto the Tavewa Sea bus while in Lautoka for an amazing ferry experience. It is also an alternative way to get to Yasawa island.

Wander around the Botanical Garden, a garden filled with beautiful and colourful tropical flowers and orchids. 

colourful tropical flowers and orchids

Another must-visit place in Lautoka is the Krishna Kaliya Temple, a beautiful, colourful, unique temple to pray. The beautiful temple is a place of worship for the Hare Krishna and Indo Fijian community. 

Explore Vuda Point Marina, a specially designed harbour with moorings for yacht and boats in the evenings. There are a lot of small restaurants and cafes lined up along the marina that attract a lot of crowds.


Sigatoka is a town in Fiji. It is found on the island of Viti Levu and is situated at the mouth of the Sigatoka River, after which it is named, some 61 kilometres from Nadi. The Sigatoka Valley is named the Salad Bowl because of its high production of vegetables. Sigatoka is an attractive site to visit due to its riverside location. If you are a beach-lover who loves the waves, cold breeze and sand, then you should definitely visit Sigatoka. While travelling to Sigatoka, make sure to grab some hot corn from the roadside. The locals call it Sila, and they are widely available along the way to Sigatoka. 


One of the top attractions in Sigatoka is the Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park. It is one of the most fascinating wonders of Fiji. As you stroll through the scenic park, you’ll be amazed by the lush jungle, grassland and panoramic views from the top. Do note that it’s tricky to climb up the sand dunes though, but the hassle is worth the try, and it’s a once in a lifetime experience you wouldn’t want to miss. Fiji’s national men and women’s rugby teams have trained there before heading to the Olympics, so expect it to be a difficult challenge to reach the top. But the sense of satisfaction you gain is priceless. Only the fittest will make it to the top. 

Natadola Beach, one of the finest beaches in Fiji, is a nice place to relax. With white sandy beaches, shade trees and horse riding services, you’ll have a fulfilling afternoon. It’s a place that is suitable for both adults and kids. 

Aside from that, Sigatoka River Safari is a must-try on your bucket list when visiting Fiji. This safari experience will take you through the Sigatoka River to visit a Fijian village. On the way there, a guide introduces you to the rich culture and history of Fiji. The half-day tour will provide you with an authentic experience and glimpse into the daily life of a Fijian. 

If you’re looking for some family-fun, head down to Kula Wild Adventure Park. It’s the best place to see the habitats of the animals and marine life, from ocean turtles, and soft and hard corals to tropical fish. If you are brave, hold the rare iguana and hand-feed the baby turtle with your kids. The park also has a new zip rail, 110m splash mountain jungle water slide and splash pools with water jets for the kids. 

For the history buff, Tavuni Hill Fort is an informative and very easy short walk with amazing views down to a local village, the huge sigatoka river and across to a variety of crops in the salad bowl area of Sigatoka. Through the walk, you will learn a lot about the history of Fiji and the names of the different trees. It’s also a perfect spot for photography as you’ll get a panoramic view of the beautiful river from the top of Sigatoka valley.

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