Fiji is one of those countries that does not only indulge in its own traditional delicacies but also specialises in other renowned cuisines such as pizzas, pasta or hamburgers and chips. Aside from traditional cuisines, Fiji’s modern cuisine is largely influenced by other cultures. Hence, the sign of ‘fish and chips’ or ‘sausage and chips’ coated on almost every fast food restaurant. Zig Zag is a fast food chain based in Nadi that has some wonderful deals lined-up for you.

Fish Salad Zig Zag Cafe in Fiji

Photo Credit: Zig Zag Cafe and Viva Pizzeria.

What is Zigzag café and Viva pizzeria?

According to their Facebook page, which is quite up to date with their latest combination meals and deals, Zigzag café and Viva pizzeria describes itself as a burger restaurant that offers a variety of foods from sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, chips, fried chicken and fish dishes. Apart from serving the usual fizzy drinks, the restaurant also serves beverages such as smoothies, sugar cane juice and desserts like cakes and other pastries.

There are affordable meals available such as their delicious chicken burger and fries meal for 12.50FJD (8.59AUD) or a serve of grilled Fish salad for 10 FJD (6.87AUD).

Pizzas zig zag cafe in fiji

Photo Credit: Zig Zag cafe and Viva Pizzeria.

Where is ZigZag café and Viva pizzeria located?

The café and pizzeria is conveniently located in the Prouds Downtown Nadi shopping complex located in Nadi town. For preciseness, the shopping complex is located on the corner of Nadi town’s main street (Queen’s road) and Sukuna road. Getting there is the least of your worries as it is in town and the complex is clearly identified on Google maps.

Why choose ZigZag café and Viva pizzeria?

Looking for food to go or need a place to stop by when shopping in Nadi town. In the heart of Nadi town’s main street, ZigZag café and Viva pizzeria is a fast-food joint that welcomes you, providing you shade from Nadi’s sometimes unbearable heat. Whether it is a wholesome meal or a light lunch, ZigZag has you covered.

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