Ever been on vacation or travelled and wondered which part of the country you were in or are currently staying in? If you’re wondering about this for your next Fiji holiday, don’t worry, we’re here to share with you a bit of Fiji’s geography, especially about where a lot of the resorts and vacation areas are located.

How is Fiji Regionally Divided?

Fiji is divided into provinces – 14 provinces to be exact! There are 8 provinces in Viti Levu – Fiji’s main island, 3 in Vanua Levu, Kadavu to the south, and the rest clustered together in little island groups to the east, between the two main islands.

Viti Levu (Provinces in Clockwise)

  1. RA – is the northernmost province of mainland Viti Levu and, in a way, the heart of Fiji’s Suncoast.
  • More than half of the Suncoast coastline is in the Ra province.
  • Highlands are bordered by the central highlands of Naitasiri (south), Ba to the southwest, and Tailevu to the east.
  • Principal town: Rakiraki.
  • Accommodations: Resorts, homestays, and hotels are sprawled up along the Kings Road and on the Volivoli Peninsula.
  • Activities: Vatu-i-ra seascape, Savulele waterfalls (Nabalasere Village), and the world’s finest mineral water’s manufacturing facility, Fiji Water. Check the Fiji Suncoast website for more.
  1. TAILEVU – one of the eastern provinces, Tailevu is bordered by Ra to the northwest and Naitasiri to the south, southwest.
  • Significant in Fijian culture, it is the head of the Kubuna confederacy.
  • Principal town: Nausori (sits by the Rewa River, the widest river in Fiji).
  • Accommodations: Toberua Island Resort, Nataleira Eco Lodge, and accommodations in Korovou and Nausori. Check Visit Nausori Facebook page for more.
  1. NAITASIRI – this province is most notable for its central highlands, covering more land than coastlines.
  • Accommodations: Colo-i-Suva Rainforest Eco Lodge.
  • Activities: Colo-i-Suva Forest Park and endless waterfalls chase through the province, for instance, Wairoro waterfall of Navolau village.

Aerial view of Fiji’s capital city, Suva.

  1. REWA – the smallest of the Viti Levu provinces, is sometimes known by the Fijian term ‘Tebara’.
  • Capital city: Suva.
  • Accommodations: Apartments and hotels scattered throughout the Suva and Lami area.
  • Activities: Beqa Island and its shark sanctuary lagoon, hiking spots like Mt. Korobaba and Joske’s Thumb, and visiting the capital, Suva.
  1. NAMOSI- one of the two southern provinces of Viti Levu.
  • Accommodations: The Namosi Eco Retreat.
  • Activities: Kila World.
  1. SERUA – the southernmost province of Viti Levu.
  • Pacific Harbour is also located in Serua’s Deuba district.
  • Principal town: Navua town.
  • Accommodations: Resorts in the Pacific Harbour area.
  • Activities: River tubing, rafting, Fiji Arts Village, ziplining.
  1. NADROGA-NAVOSA- is one of the western provinces of Viti Levu.
  • Principal town: Sigatoka.
  • Accommodations: 4-star resorts are in the Malolo’s and resorts are lined up along the Coral Coast (Queens Highway).
  • Activities: Cloud 9, Sand dunes, Biausevu waterfall, Eco-trax, and Kula Adventure Park.

Navala village, Ba

  1. BA- If you’re touching down in Nadi Airport, you’re in the Ba province!
  • Fiji’s largest province.
  • Towns: Nadi, Ba, and Tavua.
  • City: Lautoka.
  • Accommodations: Denarau Island, the greater Nadi, Lautoka area, and the Yasawa archipelago.
  • Activities: Sabeto Mud Pools, Skydiving, Ziplining, and Momi Battery Historical Park.

Vanua Levu

  1. MACUATA- this province encompasses the northwestern part of the island, bordered by Bua to the south and Cakaudrove to the east.
  • Principal town: Labasa.
  • Accommodation: Nukubati Island Resort, Labasa accommodations.
  • Activities: Dives at the Great Sea Reef (Cakaulevu) – the third longest continuous barrier reef in the world reaching the Yasawa’s.
  1. BUA – this southwestern province of Vanua Levu is home to Nabouwalu wharf, one of a few wharfs in Vanua Levu.
  • Activities: Diving in the Great Sea Reef and nearby Bligh waters.
  1. CAKAUDROVE – the more visited province out of the three.
  • Principal town is Savusavu – the hidden paradise of Fiji, also has luxurious resorts and splendid diving spots.

Soft corals in the Vanua Levu waters.

Lomaiviti Province

Refers to the group of islands scattered in the middle of the Koro Sea. Major islands include:

  • OVALAU: Home to Fiji’s first capital, Levuka. Rich in colonial history and known for its rugged landscape.
  • Town: Levuka.
  • Accommodations: (In town) New Mavida Lodge, Royal Hotel, Sailorshome, Levuka Homestay, Heritage Guest House. (Out of town) Ovalau Holiday Resort, Rukuruku Baystay.
  • MAKOGAI: Historically used as a regional quarantine unit for leprosy patients in the 1920s till the 1960’s.
  • WAKAYA: A privately owned island with a 5-star resort, notable for its healthy deer population introduced from New Zealand in the 1970s.
  • Not much tourism activity in the islands of Batiki, Nairai, and Gau, in fact, an island resort located in Nairai was destroyed in 2016 by Cyclone Winston.

Islands in Lau.


Kadavu is the southernmost point of Fiji’s archipelago and is a province of its own. Kadavu is also Fiji’s fourth largest island and is home to one of the world’s largest barrier reefs, the Great Astrolabe Reef. There are a few great accommodations located in Kadavu such as the 5-star private resort, Kokomo.

Lau group (Fiji’s eastern islands)

There isn’t much individual tourism activity happening on the Lauan Islands. However, the entire group receives a healthy number of visits from yachting and cruise lines to their shores. Perhaps this is the best way to experience these islands as they are remotely secluded from each other in some parts, with white sandy beaches and a rich, intact culture that is more Tongan than Fijian.

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