“Open your heart, expand your soul, and sing” embodies an invitation to tap into the depths of one’s emotions, to connect with their innermost feelings, and to express themselves through the act of singing. This evocative phrase encourages individuals to break down emotional barriers, embrace vulnerability, and let their voices resonate with authenticity and passion. It’s an invitation to let go of inhibitions and let the music flow from the core of one’s being.

Tony Backhouse, a celebrated singer, musician, and composer hailing from New Zealand, exemplifies this sentiment through his musical journey. In the mid-eighties, Backhouse’s fascination with the Black gospel tradition became a pivotal turning point in his career. This genre, rich in emotional depth and spiritual resonance, deeply resonated with him. As a result, he delved into the world of community music, choral direction, and vocal workshops.

Backhouse’s artistic endeavors didn’t stop at personal exploration. He founded a series of a cappella groups that showcased his dedication to both music and community. The Elevators, the Café of the Gate of Salvation, the Honeybees, and the Heavenly Light Quartet are all testaments to his commitment to creating harmonious sounds that touch the heart and uplift the soul.

Through his vocal workshops, Backhouse has shared his passion and expertise across the globe. From Australia and New Zealand to Canada, the Pacific Islands, France, the UK, and Italy, his influence has traversed continents, enriching the lives of those fortunate enough to participate. His workshops have not only honed participants’ vocal skills but also fostered a sense of unity, empowerment, and self-expression.

The upcoming event on August 22nd to 29th, 2023, at the First Landing Beach Resort in Viseisei, Lautoka, provides an exciting opportunity to experience the transformative power of Tony Backhouse’s music firsthand. With a starting time of 12:00 pm, attendees will have the chance to immerse themselves in his soul-stirring melodies and learn from his vast musical wisdom. The venue itself, nestled by the beach, provides a serene backdrop that complements the spiritual and emotional journey that Backhouse’s music promises to offer.

For those interested in participating or attending the event, further information and booking details can be found at the following link: https://www.coconutchorus.com/tours/.

In essence, “Open your heart, expand your soul, and sing” encapsulates not only an artistic ethos but also a way of life. It reminds us to embrace vulnerability, seek emotional connections, and find our voices through the power of music. Tony Backhouse’s journey and his upcoming event serve as an embodiment of this philosophy, offering a chance to join a harmonious chorus of souls singing from the depths of their being.

Date: 22nd – 29th August 2023

Time: 12:00pm

Venue: First Landing Beach Resort, Viseisei, Lautoka

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