Fiji’s ‘Vude Queen,’ Laisa Vulakoro, is set to dazzle audiences in a new role as the star of the iconic hit musical, Mamma Mia, during its upcoming staging in Fiji next year. Known for her incredible talent in the Vude music genre, Laisa Vulakoro’s transition to the role of the ‘dancing queen’ in Mamma Mia is an exciting shift, promising a captivating performance. The musical Mamma Mia is renowned worldwide for its infectious music, lively choreography, and heartwarming story, and Laisa Vulakoro’s casting adds a unique and celebrated touch to the production.”

In February, Fiji’s Arts Season 2024 will come alive with the presentation of Mamma Mia, which coincides with the second Fiji Fringe Festival. This double-bill entertainment extravaganza promises to be a cultural highlight, showcasing Fiji’s rich artistic talent and offering a delightful blend of Broadway-style entertainment with a local twist. Additionally, with the inclusion of Soni Uluitoga, the frontman of The Gang, in the cast alongside Laisa Vulakoro, audiences can look forward to a dynamic and memorable performance. ‘Say bula to broadway with Mamma Mia and the Fiji Fringe Festival!’ is an invitation to embrace this unique fusion of musical theater and cultural celebration, promising a vibrant and unforgettable experience for attendees in Fiji.

Date: February 9 -17, 2024
Time: 6 – 9:30pm
Venue: Suva Civic Center

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