Experience the pulse-pounding action of rugby sevens” is an invitation to immerse yourself in the thrilling world of rugby sevens, a fast-paced and exhilarating variant of rugby union. Rugby sevens is a condensed version of the traditional 15-a-side rugby, played with seven players on each team, which makes it faster and more action-packed. It’s known for its high-scoring games, quick passes, dazzling tries, and intense physicality.

“The Lomaiviti 7s tournament is part of the Fiji Bitter Rugby Sevens Series” provides specific context to the invitation. The Lomaiviti 7s tournament is a significant event within the Fiji Bitter Rugby Sevens Series, which is a prestigious and widely followed rugby competition in Fiji. The mention of “Fiji Bitter” indicates that this tournament is associated with a well-known beer brand, which often sponsors such sporting events in Fiji and the Pacific region.

Together, these statements encourage sports enthusiasts and rugby fans to attend the Lomaiviti 7s tournament, where they can witness the electrifying matches and be part of the larger Fiji Bitter Rugby Sevens Series, which showcases top-tier rugby sevens talent and promises an unforgettable sporting experience. It’s an invitation to enjoy the intense action, camaraderie, and excitement that rugby sevens and this particular tournament have to offer.

Date: January 11-13, 2024

Venue: Nasau Park, Ovalau

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